Hedge Row Farm

A large scale farm made for small scale farmers and foodies.

How would you like to visit a farm and see a range of farming enterprises producing everything from fish to herbs, geese to  turkeys, honey to mead, wine to potatoes, iron work to timber? All available at the farm shop. How would you like to spend a night on such a farm? Take a tour? Attend a workshop?

Even better. how much easier do you think it will be to find and attract customers to your fledgling farming or rural business putting your products along side all these other wares, attractions and produce?

Better again how would you like to invest and support such a farm. Just like in commercial real estate the income comes from the leases payed by tenants secured by long term commercial leases. Meanwhile the capital is secured by the land. You can get a regular income, capital secured by the land while supporting a range of socially and environmentally friendly and sustainable enterprises.


The Problem

Getting any business started is a challenge but farming can be particularly hard. In addition to the capital required to start a new rural enterprise extra capital is needed for land. Where most business can rent or lease a place of business this option really isn’t practical or even available for most farming enterprises. In particular, forms of farming that require a long term commitment to a patch of ground like organic farming or regenerative farming are impossible on standard short term agricultural leases that can be cancelled at any time without notice by the land lord.

When questioning aspiring farmers about why they haven’t already started farming the most common answer is:

“we can’t get access to land”


The Idea

Stuart Chignell of Fish Farmers  searched for a landlord from whom he could lease land for a commercial greenhouse operation without success. However, during the search he found a bunch of people that were also looking for land to lease. One day he said to them:

“Since none of us has been able to find a landlord why don’t we make one?”


The Solution

Bring aspiring farmers and investors together to finance the purchase of a large scale farm. Farmers get secure and more affordable access to land. Investors get a return at least double what they could get from a term deposit with their capital secured by the land.


How do we do it…

  • Form a company into which investors invest by buying shares.
  • Farmers sign expression  of interest detailing their land requirements.
  • We find land a suitable farm.
  • Farmers sign leases that are conditional on the purchase of the land.
  • Land is purchased and leases formally begin on settlement.
  • Farmers get access to land while investors get a regular income from their capital.


About Hedgerow Farm

Hedgerow Farm is being established to provide:

  • Affordable access to land;
  • Security of access to land;
  • Work spaces for Rural Entrepreneurs;
  • Relationships between land, community and town.

We will be offering land and space to lease to small scale farmers, related rural businesses and an artist or three without them having to pay a fortune or worry about the security of their lease. Essentially we are a business incubator for farmers and rural businesses.

We have been seeking such a lease for ourselves for years without success so instead of trying to find a land lord we decided to create one. We are excited to offer this opportunity to join us on the land and in the shed. You can join us by leasing a work space or patch of land. Alternatively you can become a part owner of the land by investing in the company that will own the land or a supporting village member. We will be leasing a bit of Hedgerow Farm to provide a home for our commercial Aquaponics business Fish Farmers, but there will be plenty of space for a diverse range of  other farming operations and projects.

Come and have a chat with us, maybe Hedgerow Farm is the door you have been looking for to get onto the land?

fish 015

  • 100% pesticide, herbicide and fungicide free farming
  • Land available from 1 acre.
  • Shed, work or studio spaces available up to 200m2
  • Opportunity for field farmers to integrate their horticulture with our aquaculture
  • Many opportunities to cooperate and work together.
  • Some accommodation options available.

How it works

If you have a project, business or idea that you want to get off the ground but haven’t been able to afford to buy a small block of land or rent a work space send us an email with your idea. Alternatively you might be interested in investing in agricultural land to earn a modest return with your capital secured by the land.

There are many reasons why you might want to join this adventure:

  • secure access to land with a solid commercial lease;
  • access a small block of land at an affordable price;
  • work space cheaper than that available in town;
  • invest in land with the aim of getting a better return on investment with their capital secured by the land;
  • desire to support aspiring sustainable young farmers;
  • desire to join a vibrant and supportive community.

Right now we are finalizing which block of land to buy. If you are interested get in touch now because your needs, opinions and expertise can influence which block we buy.

Enquire Now

Get in touch now and tells us what you want to do and what you need to do it.

We want to support as many people and as many different ideas as possible.
Enquire Now

We have many people interested at this stage and a growing number definitely committed.

The proposed plotholders range from aquaponics, a micro brewery to Glamping.