With the average age of farmers passing 60 we need business models that will allow a new generation of farmers access to land and capital.

Like many other young people from farming backgrounds I wasn’t able to stay on the family farm. l have been searching for land to start my own farming enterprise started for years. Searching for a way to buy or lease land so that I can go back to being a farmer.  I haven’t had much luck finding a landlord but I have met many aspiring farmers like myself that need land to get started. My own and their frustration is what inspired the idea for Hedgerow Farm.


Land is expensive especially if you are only buying a small lot. By collaborating we can buy a big enough farm that gives investors a reasonable return at a price that we as new farmers can afford.

The Solution

One day after hearing yet another aspiring farmer say that:

“the only thing holding me back is access to land”

I said:

“None of us can find a landlord. Why don’t we make one?”

That initial idea has grown into a model that can link farmers with supportive investors.

The Benefits

The biggest benefit to the farmers is secure and affordable access to land. Everyone gets their own space secured by their own commercial lease. Just like someone setting up a factory the commercial lease gives co-farmers the confidence to invest in their soil, fences, irrigation, orchard or whatever they desire for the long term.

The investors get a good return and their capital is secured by the land. They also get the pleasure of creating a pathway to land for the next generation of farmers that will produce our food.

If we can help you access land or you are interested in investing please get in touch by phone 0432 367 505, email Stuartchignell@gmail.com or stay in touch via our mailing list


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The proposed plotholders range from aquaponics, a micro brewery to Glamping.